iPhone 4 Repair

iPhone 4 Repair - Other Common Repairs

Coming to the realization that you need an iPhone 4 Repair is not easy, it's supposed to withstand everything right?

The iPhone 4 is beautifully designed and it's quality is impeccable but that doesn't mean it's not prone to components on the phone breaking or failing over time. As cool as your iPhone is, it's no match for water! That is why Mr. Cell has trained technicians that can repair and replace many of the components that tend to go bad over time.

Whether it's your Home Button, Water Damage, Camera, Volume Button, Speaker, Ringer, Microphone, Earpiece, etc., Mr. Cell will fix it at an affordable price! You can see our pricing below for the repair that you need.

Description of RepairPriceImage
Water Damage $40.00  iPhone Water Damage - Mr Cell
Camera Repair $45.00  iPhone Camera Replacement
Speaker Phone Repair $45.00  iPhone Speaker Phone Repair
Battery Replacement $45.00  iPhone Battery Replacement
Microphone Repair $40.00  iPhone Microphone Repair
Earpiece Speaker Repair $45.00  iPhone Earpiece Repair
Vibrate Motor Repair * $40.00  iPhone Vibrate Motor Repair
Volume Button Repair * $45.00  iPhone Volume Button Repair
Power Button Repair * $45.00  iPhone Power Button Repair
Home Button Repair $40.00  iPhone Home Button Repair
Ringer Repair $45.00  iPhone Ringer Repair


* Note:  Vibrate, Volume, and Power Button for the iPhone 4 are all 1 ribbon and paying the $45 once will replace/repair all 3.