iPhone 3GS Repair

Backed by our 90 Day Warranty, the iPhone 3GS Repair is still very common so don't hesitate and bring yours in for repair today!

As the successor to the iPhone 3G and the third generation iPhone, the iPhone 3GS was known for its speed and it's improved 3 megapixel camera. Even though it has been 3 years and 2 iPhone models later, iPhone 3GS Repair is still common at Mr. Cell. We understand that not everyone can afford the newest iPhone every year, or that many people are just comfortable with their iPhone and don't need to change. So we make sure that when you bring your iPhone 3GS in for Repair that you get it back its as if it was never in our cell phone repair shop!

Listed below we have common iPhone 3GS Repairs that we see here at Mr. Cell. For more information on any of the repairs feel free to click on the images below. Be sure to check out our "Other Common Repairs" table below for repairs such as water damage, battery replacement, and much more! If you still can't locate your repair or need help diagnosing your problem you may click on "All Other Repairs" below. Please feel free to Contact Us , Visit the store , call us at (321) 285-6636

Other Common iPhone Repairs

The iPhone is beautifully designed and it's quality is impeccable but that doesn't mean it's not prone to components on the phone breaking or failing over time. As cool as your iPhone is, it's no match for water! That is why Mr. Cell has trained technicians that can repair and replace many of the components that tend to go bad over time.

Whether it's your Home Button, Water Damage, Camera, Volume Button, Speaker, Ringer, Microphone, Earpiece, etc., Mr. Cell will fix it at an affordable price! You can see our pricing below for the repair that you need.

Description of RepairPriceImage
Water Damage $40.00  
Camera Repair $45.00  iPhone Camera Replacement
Speaker Phone Repair $40.00  iPhone Speaker Phone Repair
Battery Replacement $45.00  iPhone Battery Replacement
Microphone Repair $40.00  iPhone Microphone Repair
Earpiece Speaker Repair $40.00  iPhone Earpiece Repair
Vibrate Motor Repair * $45.00  iPhone Vibrate Motor Repair
Volume Button Repair * $45.00  iPhone Volume Button Repair
Power Button Repair * $45.00  iPhone Power Button Repair
Home Button Repair $40.00  iPhone Home Button Repair
Ringer Repair $40.00  iPhone Ringer Repair


* Note:  Vibrate, Volume, and Power Button are all 1 ribbon and paying the $45 once will replace/repair all 3.