Why is the Samsung Note 7 Catching Fire

Less than a month since its release and with millions of Samsung Note 7 sold all over the world, it is bad news for Samsung that these phones are now beginning to catch on fire! Yes you read right people, they are catching on fire. Customers began reporting incidents of their phones catching fire without any good reason and now Samsung is reporting that they have over 15 confirmed cases of these phones catching fire and those numbers are still rising. 

So with a phone being so new and being the hottest phone on the market you may ask yourself Why is the Samsung Note 7 Catching Fire. Well the answer is simple, it is a defective battery causing this. Samsung is reporting that they sourced the batteries for the new Note 7 from 2 different suppliers and the ones catching fire are coming specifically from one of the suppliers that they are not mentioning at the moment. The reason for the batteries catching fire has not been explained in detail yet, but it is no mystery. Batteries are charged full of power and somewhere in that battery there is being a short to ground causing those electrons of power to run in circles causing the extreme heat.

Well if you are somebody who already owns or was thinking about owning a new Note 7, now is not the best time. Samsung is recalling all of the phones and as of right now have suspended the sales of the Note 7 temporarily until the issue is resolved.  If you already have one you can have Samsung replace the defective device for you, just contact them directly or head to your service provider. 

We will keep you updated with the latest news on this very serious issue.