iPhone 6 Error 53 – Updated Fix Repair Solution 2016

Welcome readers! You most likely landed on this page because you wanted to update your beloved iPhone 6 to the newest firmware. You hit accept to receive that shiny new update and next thing  you know the update freezes half way and you get a error 53. Many people have been receiving this error as of late and it is all thanks to Apple. 

WHAT IS ERROR 53? The reason you are  getting this iTunes error 53, is most likely related to the home button. Apple began programming the “touch id” home buttons to match the motherboard of the iPhone it was shipped with when new. What does this mean? Well it means your iPhone is smart enough to tell itself that the original home button is not being detected. 

WHAT DID I DO? At one point or another many of us drop and break our screens. No big deal, right? We can go out to a Apple store or reputable third party repair shop for a nice speedy repair. If you are in this position, you have most likely had your iPhone repaired at one point or another. 

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW? The most important thing to know at this point is whether you have your ORIGINAL home button currently installed on your phone or not. If you replaced your screen and did not transfer your home button over, you have a big problem. That home button is required for your iPhone to finish its restore and get out of its bricked state. Our repair shop has been aware of this touch ID issue since the release of the iPhone 5s and we take great precaution in always transferring the original home button without damage to all replacement screens. In the case where a customer come to us with a already damaged home button, we advise them that the touch id feature will never work again (the home button click will continue to work however) and that they are to never attempt an update or it can result in a bricked phone. 
If you have had your phone repaired, it may be worth it to question the repair shop about their repair process and how they handle the touch id home buttons. You want to be sure you have your original home button.

WHY WAS MY PHONE WORKING PERFECTLY BEFORE? Although your phone was working before the attempted update you would have probably noticed that the touch id function was not working. This was a clear indication that the original home button was missing or malfunctioning. If you have a iPhone 5s and up with a touch id not working, we recommend avoiding updates at all cost for the time being. Your phone got stuck in the error 53 restore mode once you attempted the update and the iPhone connected to Apple’s servers. Once it connects to their servers the iPhone reports the missing or failing home button and iTunes renders your phone useless.

WHAT IF I NEVER HAD MY PHONE FIXED OR OPENED? As we mentioned previously in the article, we have seen cases where customers have original iPhones that have never even been opened suffer from error 53 also. We always remind our customers that at the end of the day we are dealing with electronics. With that being said you already know that electronics fail, malfunction, and go defective just like humans. Nothing is 100% and yes it is a possibility that your iPhone is just defective. (remember, we also drop and bump our phones many times throughout the phones life span even if they do not always break).

HOW CAN I FIX IT? If you have had your phone fixed, your first stop should be to verify you have the original home button installed. If you are sure of this your second stop should be to visit a Apple store if available in your area. If your phone has been opened previously they will know so there is no point in lying. Be honest and you will get further. Explain your situation and let them know you are educated on the issue and only need a home button repaired. Apple employees are the only ones with the ability to install programmed touch id chips for your iPhone. If you succeed in getting a new screen/button installed you should be good to go with your restore.

If you cannot visit a Apple store locally you can always mail in your device to them. If you refuse to deal with Apple you may want to seek out a reputable repair shop. Although there may be nothing they can do, they can at least verify the condition of the phones interior and its home button. 

As of now there is no quick fix for this issue. There are thousands of phones out there right now suffering from this same issue and Apple is refusing to offer a quick solution. They have the power to fix this issue overnight with a update through iTunes but refuse to do it. They want to force people who pay good money for these iPhones to spend even more money with Apple when they need to fix them. How convenient to tell a customer they need a completely new $600 iPhone instead of just fixing it for them. That would be like Toyota telling you that you need a completely new car because your alternator broke. This is completely disgusting behavior from Apple and we hope that they come to their senses very soon. 

iPhone 6 Error 53 – Updated Fix Repair Solution 2016