How To Fix Only The Glass On Apple iWatch

Did you break your new beloved Apple iWatch? Have you been scouring the internet for options on how to fix or replace the cracked screen on your Apple watch? We understand the feeling as we broke our in house iWatch the first day we got it. It accidently fell on tile floor and smashed the front screen. Although we were mad this is what we do and we were excited to figure out how to go about fixing it.

You will find that there are many videos online about how to repair your cracked iwatch. The problem is that none of them show you how to replace ONLY the glass. Instead they go over the dissasebmly of the entire LCD and replacement of the entire LCD. What does this mean for you? It means that it can get very costly to repair only a cracked glass on a iWatch. We have seen this for years, Apple makes it harder and harder for DIY and Repair shops to perform successfull repair on their devices. Good news is that it is not impossible but it will take some special equipment that will cost you more than your  Apple iWatch did. 

The process begins by:

  1.  Dissasemble the iWatch be seperating the glass/lcd assembly from the frame (be careful because you can damage your lcd while doing this. Search some videos on youtube for a demonstration.
  2. Disconnect all of the connectoins in order to remove the lcd assembly completely from the phone. Be careful not to damage any ribbons or connectors as they are very sensitive.
  3. With a hotplate you will need to clamp the lcd of the iWatch down and let it get to 102degrees celciues. This will allow the screen to get hot to the touch and soften the glue. At this point you can begin to seperate the lcd from the glass with a thin razor. Once you have gotten the razor in between the glass and lcd you can insert a stiff cardboard (ex:business card) in place of the razor and SLOWLY begin seperating the glass. You will see it seperating itself from the glue and you will see almost a mily gunky mess. This is fine as long as you take your time and do not crack the lcd by putting too much pressure. 
  4. Once completely sepearted from the LCD you can clean off the lcd with alcohol and a cloth. Leave it completely clean so that you can have a perfect surface for the new glass. 
  5. now with a new Digitizer in hand and a clean lcd you can get your sheet of OCA (optically clear adhesive) ready. This is where some serious technique and experience will come into play.

  6. Assemble the lcd, oca, and glass digitizer together and insert into autoclave chamber. Once removed from this chamber you will see some bubbles in the display. This is fine and you will insert into the autoclave again and it will remove all of the bubbles the last time around.
  7. Make sure all bubbles have been removed after second time in autoclave
  8. Put back together in reverse order. 
  9. Enjoy your new iWatch!

That is How To Fix Only The Glass On Apple iWatch